Manufacture: Neftegazmash, NPF OOO, Ukraine, ALL.BIZ:  Ukraine
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Manufacture Neftegazmash, NPF OOO

Preparation of a tape consists in the following. The roll of a tape 100 - 150 mm wide of a certain thickness on the special equipment is cut on strips width depending on a wire section design. At the same time the tape is cleared of traces of oil and moisture. The prepared tape is given to a drawing camp. At the same time prepare furnace charge: weigh previously processed and prepared components on the set compounding. Components mix in mixers before receiving homogeneous mass and give in capacities to zasypny devices of drawing camps. In the forming device there is a shaping of a "trough-shaped" profile in which special devices fall asleep furnace charge with the speed depending on broach speed. It provides uniformity of filling of a wire with furnace charge on its length that is the main condition for receiving a qualitative wire. After filling of a wire with furnace charge in the subsequent forming devices there is a closing of furnace charge and formation of a round profile. The formed round profile on six drum drawing camps is stretched with gradual reduction of diameter of preparation to the final diameter of a wire on the last drum. Drawing happens at big speeds - 300 - 350 m/min for increase in productivity of production of a wire and corresponding reduction of its cost.

Control of production of the wire stretched to the set diameter consists in determination of coefficient of the filling of a wire representing the relation of mass of furnace charge per unit length of a wire to all weight. The coefficient of filling is set for each brand of a wire. It is measured as a percentage and makes 25 - 42% depending on wire brand. Then check welding and technological properties of a wire and mechanical properties of the built-up metal. The wire which passed all tests goes to the consumer.



manufacture Neftegazmash, NPF OOO Ukraine, ALL.BIZ: Ukraine