Patents: Neftegazmash, NPF OOO, Ukraine, ALL.BIZ:  Ukraine
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Patents Neftegazmash, NPF OOO

PP-NGM2F-35 - are developed for a recovery naplavka of shaft, plugs, etc. detel new powder a wire, possessing high welding and technological harakteristikami:pp-NGM2S-30, PP-NGM1F-25. PP-NGM14S-60 - for a naplavka of the small-sized details working in the conditions of intensive abrasive wear (a ploughshare, knives idr.). PP-NGM11F-30 - for a naplavka of a sealing surface of details of shutoff valves, PP-NGM12F-40 for a naplavka of plungers, rods of a gidrokrepy, sealing surface of pipeline fittings, PP-NGM13F-45 for a naplavka of rollers of MNLZ.


patents Neftegazmash, NPF OOO Ukraine, ALL.BIZ: Ukraine